Freestyle Motocross

Andreu Lecondeguy

Year of Birth
Jan 12, 1989
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Favourite Place
The mountains/ home
Can’t live without
Friends, trips and bikes
Pet Peeve
Short intense storms
Favourite Food
Peruvian food

Andreu Lacondeguy put himself on the map when he was a youngster thanks to his all or nothing approach to riding two wheels. He has been one of the fiercest MTB riders for years, specializing in freeride, pushing things to the limit regardless of the obstacle standing in his way. Lacondeguy is one of the most popular riders on the MTB scene thanks to the energy and charisma he brings to each trail on a daily basis.


He began his journey at the ripe old age of 10, quickly becoming a Four-Cross regional champion in Spain. Things truly began to take off for Lacondeguy when he shifted gears and began focusing his time and effort on BMX and MTB racing. In 2008, Andreu took home the Crankworx Championship after doing the unthinkable when he became the first MTB rider to stick not only a backflip from a snow-covered big air ramp, but also a double backflip while in competition. Four years later, Lacondeguy destroyed the competition at the Red Bull BergLine event taking home first prize. At the 2013 Munich X-Games, Andreu earned himself a bronze in Mountain Bike Slopestyle. That same year he became the first ever rider to compete in three Farm Jam Festival events (MTB, BMX and MX). In 2014, Lacondeguy scored arguably his biggest achievement by winning the almighty Red Bull Rampage event, solidifying his place amongst the best mountain bike riders on the planet. He followed up this stretch of strong years with two silver podium finishes in 2015 and 2018. So it’s safe to say that if there’s dirt to be found, you can find Andreu tearing it up!




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