Freestyle Skiing

Fabian Hofer

Year of Birth
May 8, 1998
South Tirol, Italy
Favourite Place
Pizza & burgers
Can’t live without
Friends & family, skiing and good food.
Pet Peeve
Rain after snow
Favourite Food
Ski Resort Klausberg

He started skiing at the age of 3, Fabian’s father was his early mentor and got him into alpine racing. When he turned 10, he would go skiing with his buddies and that was when he was introduced to the park. Although his dad didn’t like it, Fabian would do the races to keep his father happy, but go hit up the park afterwards. At 14, Fabian moved to South Tyrol and began his full time career as a freestyle skiier. After having success in a couple events and competition including the Eurocup, Fabian was selected to become a part of the Italian national freestyle team. Fabian loved the big airs and competitions. However, at the age of 19, he suffered a huge crash in the World Cup and it put his freestyle career on hold. After his recovery, Fabian decided to take a step back and just focus on having fun. With so much potential and skills, Fabian liked the idea of joining the Freeride World Tour one day.




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