Fighter Pilot

Michelle Curran

Year of Birth
May 30, 1987
Medford, WI, USA
Favourite Place
Can’t live without
Being Active
Pet Peeve
Favourite Food
Anything with peanut butter and chocolate

Michelle is a pilot for the U.S. Air Force. After serving in the Air Force for a number of years, she was selected to join the Air Demonstration Squadron, flying the No. 6 jet, in the Thunderbirds. Her passion for flying, thrill seeking and travel brought her to the Air Force.

Logging over 1,200 flight hours as an Air Force Pilot and more than 160 combat hours. She’s the first female fighter pilot to ever be a left solo in the Thunderbirds.

Before joining the Thunderbirds, she was an F-16 instructor pilot in Texas. She enjoys mountaineering, rock climbing and hiking.

With less than 2% of female pilots in the world, and even less in the Air Force, Michelle is a true inspiration to our next generation of women who want to pursuit a life in aviation.




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