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Strut your stuff like you own the place with a pair of Specialist eyewear built to overcome any condition. The Specialist was designed by our expert team to ensure maximum eye protection that filters out harmful UV Rays and pesky blue-ray light. The enhanced protection will make you a force to be reckoned with, keeping you in the game longer and increasing much needed activity time. The frames on the Specialist include unique irregularities and patterns along the inside temple tip for ultra-resistance and exceptional stability, so be ready to flex. The air vents that separate parts of the upper lens and frame are included to increase air flow and deter fog that will hamper sightlines. Whether you are digging balls out of the dirt, blazing new trails or pwning noobs on the battlefield, the Specialist is equipped and ready to exceed your wildest expectations, leaving you feeling stronger than ever.

Specialist (Lens Only)


Play stronger, play longer. Experience the outdoors like never before.

Play stronger, play longer. Experience the outdoors like never before.

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Tech Spec


The Anti-Glare coating inside the lens minimizes surface reflection so that you don't get blinded by stray beams, ensuring that your vision is lights out.

100% UV Protection

Lenses that completely filter and protect from harmful UVA and UVB rays, keeping your lamps in tact.


A double hydrophobic coating that erases perspiration and precipitation that could compromise your vision. Tell sweat and water that they can go ahead and H2OFF.

Triple Scratch Resistance Coating

Guarantee that your lenses stay in tip top shape with our triple scratch resistant coating. Worry less about your vision and more about where to go next.

Polycarbonate Lenses

Thinner and stronger than other leading brands, the shatter resistant and high-impact properties offer the protection that your eyes deserve.

Plastic Titanium

Constructed from durable and flexible TR90 material from Switzerland. Our frames are ultra-lightweight, incredibly strong and unbelievably comfortable to wear.


Protect your eyes from harmful blue-ray light while gaming. Our enhanced blue block technology ensures you can focus on your performance without eye strain. Game with confidence and comfort as you conquer the battlefield.


Our patented pending Znap hinge increases the durability and longevity of your sports performance eyewear. This screwless hinge feature was designed for those who push limits to the max. There is no need to worry about broken arms, so spread your wings and let it fly!


The air vents located on the upper portion of the rim reduce drag and weight while vaporizing any possibility of moisture build up. This feature will help increase speed and precision while you navigate difficult terrains and obliterate obstacles that dare to oppose you.

Blue Blocker

Who wants to combat harmful blue-ray light while dusting noobs on the battlefield? You have enough to navigate while you’re immersed in the game, so focus on your performance rather than your eye strain. Our enhanced blue block technology will help to protect your eyes while you smash on your keyboard and mouse.

Air vent

The air vents found on top of the lens decrease mass leaving the Specialist feeling as light as a feather. The vents also help to deter potential moisture build up, allowing for increased airflow while you huff and puff your way to victory.

Znap™ Hinge

Our patented Znap hinge optimizes the life expectancy of your sports performance eyewear. This technology was crafted for those who prefer to live life to the fullest and push things to the max. The Znap hinge will ensure that these weapons don’t misfire. No more faulty triggers or jammed barrels. No more broken hinges or arms.


The lenses on the Specialist are equipped with an arsenal of features that will keep your vision pristine and on target. Our team rigorously tests each lens for its high impact durability, refined depth perception and 100% UV protection. With a pair of Specialist eyewear strapped, you can breathe easy knowing that your vision will not be needing backup.








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Kinetik - Specialist sunglasses with Blue Blocker lens
Kinetik - Specialist sunglasses with Blue Blocker lens

Frame size: 144mm. Lens size: 66mm. Temple length: 147mm.

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