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Whether you are tackling moguls or shredding half-pipes, the Vintro goggle is built to ensure that your field of vision is maximal while you stomp your desired landing. Nobody likes to be confined to a box, so enjoy the flexibility of being able to swap your lens on the go to match current weather patterns. Our dual layered, polycarbonate injected lens will keep you protected from harmful UV rays that will hinder your optics. If you need a little more pow to top it off, our hydrophobic, triple layered, scratch resistant, anti-fog lens will keep things glassy as your push to achieve your goals. Now go out and conquer new heights knowing that nothing stands in your path.



Twist and turn through the air with unparallelled transparency.

Twist and turn through the air with unparallelled transparency.

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Tech Spec


A double hydrophobic coating that erases perspiration and precipitation that could compromise your vision. Tell sweat and water that they can go ahead and H2OFF.


Eliminate cloudy vision thanks to our patented inner layer coating that eradicates any and all fog. With 100% anti-fog lenses strapped, focus more on your runs and less on your optics.

Triple Scratch Resistance Coating

Guarantee that your lenses stay in tip top shape with our triple scratch resistant coating. Worry less about your vision and more about where to go next.

Double Layer

Our dual layered, anti-fog lens allows you to enjoy crisp and clear vision even on muddy and wet days. Ensure that your riding experience is on point with a lens that bulldozes over variables.

Sticky Icky

Not even Dr. Greenthumb can compete. The built-in anti-slip silicon jelly on our strap will keep your goggles strapped to your noggin even after a gnarly face plant.


Size does not matter anymore. The adjustable strap will guarantee the perfect fit for reliable protection.


Don't like the colour or style? Did it lose elasticity? Now you can switch your strap whenever you please. Channel your inner chameleon.


The magnetic quick switch lens feature allows you to swap your sunny lens to an overcast lens in the blink of an eye. No more cold bums and frozen thumbs.


Our triple layered foam is constructed with 3 different types of materials to ensure maximum comfort while you dominate unknown terrain.

Maximize peripheral vision

The rimless design on the Vintro maximizes sightlines, helping to guide you down the gnarliest of runs. Experience ripping through that fresh powder in high definition.

Sponge Cake - 3 layered form

Comfort is paramount when working up the courage to combat extreme conditions. Our Sponge Cake triple layered foam is the apex of comfort. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

OTG & Sticky Icky

The OTG design and Sticky Icky Anti-slip Jelly combo allows you to comfortably wear both glasses and goggles regardless of how you accessorize. There's no need to compromise your vision while your work your way down the slopes.








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Yeti Vintro 1
Yeti Vintro 2

Frame size: 177mm. Lens size: 177mm.

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