Enrico Rossi, 29

Italian Beach Volleyball Olympian


Those who were present at the time of his birth claim that Enrico Rossi dove out of mother’s stomach to dig his first volleyball out of the sand. Born in the Adriatic coast of Italy, the Cesenatico native has competed in the FIVB professional volleyball circuit for years. One of his proudest accomplishments came in 2020 when he represented Italy at the Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo, Japan. Despite being coachless, Rossi and his partner Adrian Carambula represented Italy with pride and integrity leaving fans back home proud of their dynamic duo. Currently training in Rome, Rossi and his partner are working towards becoming the formidable pair they are destined to become as they prepare for the World Tour Finals. If there is a beach in eyesight, you can expect to see Enrico serving up leather faster than you can say, “Spike!”.

DOB 27 June 1993
Hometown Cesenatico, Italy
Favourite Place Rio de Janeiro
Can’t Live Without Sunglasses
Favourite Food Piadina
Pet Peeve Away from home

Weapon of Choice