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Like a tree frog hiding on a leaf, these sunnies allow you to spring into action faster than you can stick out your tongue. The 2-in-1, sunglasses to goggle SHAPESHIFTER™️ feature will have you going from chill to thrill on the double. The UNiBROW™️ Magnetic Sweat Bar will keep your brows dry and the salt out of your lamps. Even better, the anti-fog coating will guarantee that your vision remains transparent while you cruise to your desired finish line. If you are looking for versatility, these shades are where it's at.



From incognito to life of the party, a 2-in-1 combo fit for all situations, big or small.

From incognito to life of the party, a 2-in-1 combo fit for all situations, big or small.

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Tech Spec

Unibrow™ Magnetic Sweat Guard

Our patented Unibrow Sweat Guard design allows you to stay focused and dry regardless of the situation.


Cater to every condition with technology that gives you the option to interchange between goggle and sunglass mode in no time.

Triple Scratch Resistance Coating

Guarantee that your lenses stay in tip top shape with our triple scratch resistant coating. Worry less about your vision and more about where to go next.


Eliminate cloudy vision thanks to our patented inner layer coating that eradicates any and all fog. With 100% anti-fog lenses strapped, focus more on your runs and less on your optics.


Annihilate eye strain and UV damage with polarized lenses that provide superior glare protection, especially on the water.


A double hydrophobic coating that erases perspiration and precipitation that could compromise your vision. Tell sweat and water that they can go ahead and H2OFF.

Plastic Titanium

Constructed from durable and flexible TR90 material from Switzerland. Our frames are ultra-lightweight, incredibly strong and unbelievably comfortable to wear.

100% UV Protection

Lenses that completely filter and protect from harmful UVA and UVB rays, keeping your lamps in tact.


The Anti-Glare coating inside the lens minimizes surface reflection so that you don't get blinded by stray beams, ensuring that your vision is lights out.


This 2-in-1 sunglasses and goggle design lets you to tap into your alter ego at any time. Like a lion meandering through its terrain, go from cool cat to king of the jungle in a flash.

Magnetic Sweat Bar

Your eyebrows will be thanking our magnetic sweat bar for blocking sweat from getting your eyes all salty. Keep your brow crispy and vision crystal while you cross the finish line.


Nobody likes feeling all hot and bothered. Our 100% anti-fog, utilizes nano technology that eradicates moist and foggy situations that hinder your sightlines for longer than any competing brand.

Kinetik Ronin 1
Kinetik Ronin 2

Frame size: 174mm. Lens size: 153mm. Temple length: 130mm.

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