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Reshape your outlook on life faster than you can snap your fingers. The Unfold features our patent Slingshot™️ Hinge technology, making these shades readily accessible within the blink of an eye. With its ability to fold up into a tiny bundle of guaranteed satisfaction, the Unfold is a quintessential, must have item for those who prefer to pack lightly. There's no need to fear about them breaking, as its Swiss TR90 frame is as durable as piece of Tungsten. The triple scratch resistant coating coupled with an anti-glare layer ensures crystal clear vision while you triumph over the competition and decimate personal bests. The Unfold is a no brainer for those of you living a transient lifestyle. Where next?



A must have for those who like to wander.

A must have for those who like to wander.

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Tech Spec

Slingshot Hinge

The first ever foldable, spring-loaded hinge that pops open automatically in 0.2 seconds. The compact, foldable hinge design is optimal for adventurers who prefer to pack lightly.

Triple Scratch Resistance Coating

Guarantee that your lenses stay in tip top shape with our triple scratch resistant coating. Worry less about your vision and more about where to go next.


Annihilate eye strain and UV damage with polarized lenses that provide superior glare protection, especially on the water.


The Anti-Glare coating inside the lens minimizes surface reflection so that you don't get blinded by stray beams, ensuring that your vision is lights out.

Plastic Titanium

Constructed from durable and flexible TR90 material from Switzerland. Our frames are ultra-lightweight, incredibly strong and unbelievably comfortable to wear.


A double hydrophobic coating that erases perspiration and precipitation that could compromise your vision. Tell sweat and water that they can go ahead and H2OFF.

Slingshot™️ Hinge

Our spring loaded, foldable Slingshot™️ Hinge technology makes your shades accessible in a flash. Perfect for those on the go who are looking to pack lightly.

Triple Scratch Resistance

You can breath easy and have solace in the fact that our polycarbonate, triple scratch resistant lenses have been known withstand hurricanes. Ideal for the most extreme conditions, bar none.


You'll never get caught sungazing thanks to our Anti-Glare coated lenses. Minimize surface reflection from stray beams and maximize results as you cruise towards your next milestone.








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Nomad Unfold 1
Nomad Unfold 2

Frame size: 146mm. Lens size: 56mm. Temple length: 138.5mm.

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