Robby Swift

Year of Birth
Apr 11, 1984
Maui, Hawaii
Favourite Place
Maui and Chile
Can’t live without
The Ocean
Pet Peeve
Unkind people.
Favourite Food
Curries, fish, veggies and pasta!

At the age of 3, Robby Swift had already been cultivated into a windsurfer by his father. He always wanted to live the life of a windsurfer, traveling and competing all around the world. His hard work has made this dream come true!

The youngest windsurfer to be promoted to the British Pro Fleet, he now has his eyes set on a world title. With his super competitive nature, he continues to remind himself to ‘enjoy the moment’ and live life to the fullest. Inspiring kids to pursue this sport and chase their dreams gives him the biggest satisfaction. Robby Swift is truly a legend that has given so much to the sport and is very well respected in the windsurfing community.




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